How to Sell in Spring

Andrew Nguyen 08/26/2019
How to Sell in Spring

Spring; real estate’s favourite season. Perfectly warm days, blue skies and refreshing breezes. It’s no surprise that every vendor chooses to sell their property in Spring, especially with everyone saying that it’s the best time to put your home on the market. Although this may be true in some circumstances, there are some ways to ensure that the Spring market works to get you the maximum price for your property.

Early Bird Gets The Worm…

Every home owner and their dog puts their property on the market in Spring, which means your property is going to have more competition in the peak of the season. To get Spring attention without the competition, get your property on the market as soon as possible. Launching your property at the end of August to early September can reduce your competition and get you better results.

Stand Out From The Crowd…

Sometimes situations change and you aren’t able to put your property on the market as early as recommended. Selling in the peak of Spring can still work for you, as long as your house has the ‘wow’ factor. This comes down to the condition of the home, the styling and the little details. Buyers have so many options in Spring, so have the option to be pickier when coming down to placing offers on homes. The following are some things to consider…

  • Ensuring your home is spotlessly clean - it may even be worth looking into a professional cleaner the day before your opens.

  • The house is well-maintained - this may mean a coat of fresh paint on the walls, resealing the shower, landscaping the garden, etc.

  • The property is styled - your agent can always recommend an interior stylist for you, or if you wish to try it yourself, look to display homes for inspiration.

  • Lighting - its Spring; utilise the copious amounts of natural light you’ll be getting, as well as room lights, lamps and candles. You want to keep things light, bright and airy.

  • Ambiance - in Spring, focus on fresh flowers and clean smells. Open windows to allow natural air flow and light candles. Placing almonds in the oven on a low heat also creates a beautiful smell that will last throughout your open inspection times.

During Spring, you may also want to spend a bit of time tidying and styling your outdoor entertaining area. A beautiful outdoor area combined with the Spring weather may just seal the deal for your dream buyer.

Be Competitive…

When it comes to pricing, you need to be competitive. Research the market and look at your competition so that you can find the right balance; a price that is low enough to spark an interest in multiple buyers, but high enough that you’re still getting a return. Remember, if your price your property correctly during this time, you can create enough buyer tension to drive the final price up.

Marketing Makes The Difference…

With all the properties going onto the market during this time, you need to ensure that your property doesn’t get lost in the sea of listings. Here are some essentials in your marketing schedule to make sure you stay present…

  • Professional dusk photos,

  • Premier listing,

  • Property video,

  • Photo board,

  • Professional brochures,

  • World class open homes, and

  • Social media exposure.

Not only does your property need to stand out from the crowd, you need to ensure that it will actually be seen by potential buyers - premier listings on portals can promise that. Premier listings appear at the top of search results, rotate to the front every 15 days, and reach a global audience.

So yes, although Spring may be a great time to sell, it’s incredibly important to ensure you’re doing everything you can to maximise your return, otherwise you’ll lose out to your competition.


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Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...

Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...
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