5 Things That Turn-Off Buyers

Andrew Nguyen 07/01/2019
5 Things That Turn-Off Buyers

When it comes to selling your property, there is no one right way. Your agent should help you find the best method for you, and the best strategy to achieve your goals. However, there are certainly a couple of things that can deter the right buyer. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind that can turn off buyers.

A Dirty House

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many times this goes forgotten. First impressions are everything in real estate, so create an inviting and comfortable ambiance by ensuring your house is sparkling clean. It may even be a good investment to look into profession cleaning, styling, or even both. One area in particular that vendors seem to forget is the bathroom. Really focus on the ‘smaller’ details, such as corners of the shower, grouting, and around the drain.


Once again, an obvious one, but removing any odours from your home can make all the difference. Which scent is best for open homes is debatable, however, you can’t go wrong by focusing on the home smelling fresh and neutral. Opening windows and doors to allow proper air circulation is the easiest way to improve the scent of your home. With this being said, a couple of fresh smelling candles and diffusers won’t ever hurt.

PRO TIP: Consider doing some baking before the inspection, or even something as simple as putting almonds in the oven on a low heat.


The best way to make any room look more open, airy and spacious is to eliminate clutter. Remember, an open home is showcasing the house, furniture is just complimentary and should never distract buyers from the main show. A cluttered garage can always be explained, and is usually overlooked by buyers, however if the rest of the home follows in suite, there isn’t much you can do to rectify the situation.

An Unpriced Home

In most cases, the first thing a perspective buyer will see is your listing page. You want to provide as much information as possible so you can spark enough interest for them to come to the open. Not providing a listing price can create uncertainty in the buyer, and they’ll simply just move on to the next option that fits their criteria. Advertising is key; make sure you’re marketing your home the best way possible.

A Lack of, or Poor Quality Photos

Once again, the two top tips are that ‘first impressions are everything’, and ‘marketing is key’. You want to not only make sure you have ample photos on your listing page, but that they do the space justice. The right professional photographer will take angles, lighting and furniture into consideration to ensure the room is presented in the best way possible. The right photos can be the difference between a buyer deciding to come to the open home, or moving to the next option.


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Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...

Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...
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