How to Lease Without Prior Experience

Andrew Nguyen 09/10/2019
How to Lease Without Prior Experience

When it comes to finding your first rental property, it can be challenging. Property managers and landlords will use rental references as a way of finding a good tenant to lease out their property. Rental references can tell if someone looked after the property, payed rent on time, or if there were any other issues; they’re a great way of coming to a decision on whether someone would be the right tenant for their property. With this being said, first-time renters may be at a disadvantage, however, there are some ways to show you would be a fantastic tenant, without the reference.


At the end of the day, landlords are concerned about receiving rent, and on time. One way of showing a landlord that rent will be payed on time every month is getting a parent or family member to be a guarantor. This basically means that if you can’t pay rent that month, whoever has signed to be guarantor will pay for you. A rental guarantor is also someone is legally responsible for the condition of the leased property.

Evidence of Income

By providing as many payslips as you can, you are proving your income amount. This demonstrates to the landlord or property manager that you are earning enough income to comfortably pay rent every month. For example, if rent is $300 a week, and you and your partner (who is moving with you) earn $600 a week each, payslips from both of you would be able to prove to a landlord that you would be able to comfortably pay rent each month. However, if you were moving in alone, rent was $300 a week and you were only earning $600 a week, a landlord may not feel confident accepting your application as 50% of your income would be going towards rent each week.

Direct Debit


By setting up a direct debit for your rental payments, it demonstrates to the property manager and landlord that your intention is to pay rent at the same time every month. Demonstrating that commitment is one of the most important aspects of being a tenant.

Proof of Regular Payments

Once again, showing proof of regular payments (e.g. loan repayments) demonstrates commitment to paying something on time every month/whenever the payment is due.

Ultimately, rental experience is great, but not necessary when it comes to finding the right rental property. If you can prove you are a capable tenant on your application through these methods, finding the right property won’t be as challenging as first imagined.


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Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...

Article by Andrew Nguyen

I am undeniably focused and exceptionally determined as your local area real estate specialist. I am a driven individual who brings a unique...
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