How to Sell in the Cooler Months

The right buyer is out there, no matter how cold it may be. These tips can assist you in making your home sale-ready during the upcoming cooler months.


With cold weather comes darker, overcast days. To ensure your home is more inviting, consider the following…

  1. Turn on all ceiling lights and lamps in your home during inspection times,

  2. Ensure your blinds and curtains are open,

  3. To maximise natural light, adjust and window furnishings.

Creating Ambiance

Dressing your home in a certain way can create the feeling of a more cosy and inviting space. Introducing candles and soft textures can assist in this, and help the buyer really imagine themselves in the home. Swapping out cushion covers and rugs is a great way to introducing new textures and depth of accent colours.

Climate Control

You want your potential buyer to feel welcomed and comfortable right from the moment they walk through the door. Nothing is better than coming in from the cold and  into the warm embrace of a home. Make sure the heater is on at a comfortable temperature during the inspection times, and if you have a fireplace, why not utilise it?

Maintenance of Gutters and Drains

Despite Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, rain and wind is guaranteed during the cooler months. Be sure to remove leaves and debris from gutters and drains to ensure any storm water will wash away easily, and prevent any issues later down the track.


Show your buyer just how comfortable your home is to live in, all year round. This can help create an emotional attachment in the buyer, and help you achieve the price you desire. Hiring furniture for the living areas, master bedroom and outdoor entertaining area may be something to consider. Finishing touches such as cozy knitted blankets and soft cushions can also help the home feel more welcoming during these cold days.

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