Top 5 Things To Do at Wilson Botanic Park

Located just off the Princes Hwy in Berwick, Wilson Botanic Park offers families a great opportunity to get out and enjoy nature at its finest. Opened in 1992, this 39 hectare site has been a family favourite ever since. Here are the top five things you can do there:

1. Walk to the top of Hoo Hoo Lookout Tower

Located on the north western end of the park and just a 15 minute walk from the car park, a climb up the stairs of Hoo Hoo Lookout Tower will give you breathtaking views of Berwick and its surrounding areas. An afternoon climb up the tower will reward you with a stunning sunset. Perhaps time for a romantic afternoon picnic?


2. Have a BBQ or picnic

Did we already mention picnic? The park is lined with amazing BBQ and picnic areas. There are expansive lawns for picnics and shelters for hire, which include BBQs. The best places are around the Marsh and Anniversary Lakes as well as near the Children’s Playground. A perfect space to spend with family and friends.

3. Go for scenic walk

The park offers plenty for those who are looking to take a nice relaxing walk. The walk around Anniversary Lake, which is about 750m provides you with great views of the lake whilst allowing you to take in the flora and fauna. The Basalt Lake to the north of the park takes in the boardwalk. If you are interested in taking a longer walk, then the Outer Loop will be about 3km. All dogs are welcome in the park provided they are on a leash.


4. Admire the park’s expansive plant life

When in bloom, the park’s Rose Gardens are a must. Located beside the Visitor Centre, they are one of the park’s main attractions. Raised gardens near the park entrance showcase a variety of plants whilst having all the information labelled on them. Near the Anniversary Lake you will find the Pinetum and Sensory Garden. Wherever you go in the park, you will be treated to a wide variety of plant life… just too many to name.

5. Hold an event

Wilson Botanic Park caters for an array of events. If it is a birthday, anniversary or even a wedding you are looking to have, look no further. The park has a Multi Purpose Room for your event and a number of spaces that cater to up to 300 guests. The perfect place for some spectacular photos.

6. Additional activity!

A local resident brought to our attention an attraction that we missed altogether! Little Red Train is a family friendly trackless train ride, located within the popular Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick. Hop aboard and enjoy the 1.6km journey around the picturesque lake and gardens that surround Wilson Botanic Park. It's great fun for people of all ages - come and experience it for yourself! The train departs every 15 minutes in front of the Anniversary lake. The journey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and conveniently returns you to the starting point. More information at

Have we missed anything here? Please make a comment below!