Danny Bui
Business Development Associate

Throughout my employment in the hospitality and retail industries for more than five years, I have encountered different types of people. My experiences with them have taught me one main thing—that each person comes with their own story. This piece of understanding, combined with empathy, integrity, and being family-oriented, form my core values.

In the real estate industry, I have come to observe the same thing. Each client and each house have stories to tell. As a first-home buyer myself, I know that finding a place to call your own is not an easy feat. I will listen to your story and your needs. I will be the one to aid you in this exciting journey.

With my local area expertise and our team’s passion to exceed each client’s expectation, we will find that property that is tailored to your specifications.

Whether you are a downsizer, a first-home buyer, an investor, or a renter, you can expect no less than topnotch service. I will assist you in finding that perfect place to settle in and to call home.